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!!! Happy Birthday To Me !!!

I was born October 28, 1954 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,
Brazil near the frontier to Uruguay.

It was thursday, 6:30PM and St Judas Thadeus day.

I would like to thank all those friends who have baken Cakes for me!


GrammyJs Cake Chrissys Cake Cowabashs Cake Lady Athenes Cake
Bumkins Cake Sugies Cake Harmonys Cake JanDees Cake
Ashleys Cake Stargazers Cake Lady Vipers Cake Karmas Cake
!!! TURKEY HUNT - YOU GOT ME !!! Marres Cake Lady Reds Cake My Cake


This is the Quilt the members have made for me as a gift

Midi: Happy Birthday

October Baby Blinkie
Blinkie by Oasis

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Background made by
with tube from my original Birthday Cake.