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Pass-A-Square Header

Pass-A-Square Game Quilt

Do you know what Pass-A-Square is?
Well, thats a lovely game played by all (or fast all) members.

We make a list for those who want to join and anyone starts
with a tile, sized 200x200 and sends to next below and
this one to the next one and so on and so on until the list is over.
Then the square is sent to the one whohas begun it
and she must add the special final arrangements to it
like sharpen, frame or an animation, whatever she likes...

Seems to be easy, but its not.
We must leave place for the others to add something.
The Pass-A-Square game is a funny, friendly one and we
lots of joy doing it (the results are fantastic).


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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2004


Midi is Dear Prudence

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