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Founded October 16, 2002 by:

Kathleen and Kince3 with the Assistants:
Lady JBaers, Pamster, Bumkin,
Archer and DreamsCatcher

WOSIB Quilting Garden Memebrship Banner
New Badge

The memberships squares links to their sites.

The squares were all made by the members, with their own fantasies.
Thats the reason why they are very individual and exclusive ones.

Click on the rack bellow to be taken to Staff/Members Quilt.

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Quilt Rack made by Ashley



WOSIB - Proud Member

I am a WOSIB brazilian member     WOSIB - Approved    I am a WOSIB german member

WOSIB Blinkie

WOSIB Quilting Bee Blinkie
Blinkie by Ashley

My WOSIB License Plate
Beautiful gift from Marie

Barbiel is a ATEA member
By Ashley

Inge's WOSIB Quilters Bag
Quilters Bag made by Inge

All midis you are hearing in Quilters Garden are
female names from Beatles songs.
I thought it was the best way I found to make a tribute
to all members from Women Of Strenght & Inner Beauty

Midi is Martha, My Dear

This Site

Made With Love

by Me

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WOSIB's 4th Birthday Celebration Pages



You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

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Barbiel was nominated "Quilter of the Month" for November 2003

My Award

!!! Congratulations from Ashley !!! !!! Congratulations from KuntrySue !!!
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!!! Congratulations from Marie !!!
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